Video Lectures

Video lectures are more productive than live lectures, at least from the point of view of the student. As the production of video lectures continues to improve, the disparity is becoming so great that video lectures must start to displace live classroom lectures.

The list below presents a few of the ways that video lectures may be a better use of a student’s time and attention.

The cost of recording video lectures is still substantial, so that if a subject area has only a few students, there might not be anyone to make the investment in the recorded lectures. However, once a subject reaches the level of hundreds of students per year seeking to learn the same material, the efficiency gained by the students would seem to be great enough to mandate the use of recorded lectures in place of the most critical live lectures. This will not be a quick transition, but already students are starting to be aware that they are getting a second-rate education if it depends primarily on live, in-person lectures.

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