Point of view

Bass guitar

It’s the only instrument I could play convincingly the first time I tried it. Early in my career, I was often called upon to play bass in recording sessions just because no one else present would admit to having any ability on the instrument.


I never tried coffee. I don’t even like to eat things with imitation maple flavoring, because I've heard it might contain coffee extract. I'm just afraid I would find coffee addictive.

Computer programming

Computer programming is really just another kind of writing. In spite of what you might have heard, strong writing skills prepare you to program a computer better than skills in mathematics, logic, or anything along those lines. A computer program isn’t truly successful unless it can be read and understood, and that means that people who write computer programs really do need to be writers.

Electronic drums

It makes perfect sense to me that a rock band should use an electronic drum set. Rock is electric music. It uses electric guitars and keyboard synthesizers, so why not electronic drums?


Love is the intention or what you might call the invisible force that holds the universe together. Previously, when I didn’t find love, it was because I was taking too many things for granted. If you think about it, the universe supports you in a million different ways. “Love is in the air” is a cliché, but you can also understand it literally. The air around you is 20 percent oxygen because the universe knows that’s what you like to breathe.

Standing in a tree

Personal topics in song lyrics

Some of my song lyrics are obviously personal in nature. People might tend to assume that they came out of my own personal experience, but usually they didn’t. More often they're based on something that happened to someone I know — or at least the way I imagined it might have happened.


I have tripods, but I don’t use them very often. It’s more fun to chase after the action with a camera than it is to try to make the world hold still.


There is nothing in the universe that has only one purpose. Space, time, matter, and energy are too precious to allow such a thing to occur.


If you look at the world through windows, it’s important to keep the windows clean. The whole world can seem dull and dark after windows start to get dingy.