Limited to a short period of time, suspense helps to focus your attention, but drag it out for more than a day or so, and it starts to do the opposite. It can tie up your energy, distract you from the reality of the world around you, and make life monotonous.

Day State Paradigm

People who can see life clearly and integrate the big picture into the little details of life use abstract ideas to organize their thoughts into a coherent whole. Of all the organizing principles you can use, the two most powerful are day and state. As a human, your thoughts can never be completely removed from the context of the day because you need a place to sleep at the end of the day. You are not always thinking about your state, but when you are hungry, curious, being watched, irritated, or lost, or in any of the other states we are all familiar with, it changes the way you see everything.

Artificial Intelligence

Invented to make robots possible, the techniques of artificial intelligence are also useful for people. They can help you think systematically at those times when your patterns of thought are all too human.


Take chances — pay attention

Don’t let your lack of ability stop you.

Most people try to do too much because they are secretly afraid they will not be able to do anything.