The Spirit of Professional Entertainment

When the entertainment really matters, you need just one kind of entertainer . . . with a personal dedication to their art . . . a genuine interest in their audience . . . these are the exceptional performers we all call “pros” . . . they create the unforgettable shows we like to call professional entertainment.

Rock musician

International Egyptian dancer


The Right Moves

Most people think they've seen belly dance, but when you witness the authentic Egyptian dance of Soraya, you know you've seen belly dance.

As Soraya patiently explains, it’s a technique and a tradition that date back thousands of years, originating in the ancient Middle East. Now, Middle Eastern Dance can be found throughout the world. Soraya herself is an international star who has performed in countries from Morocco to India and whose performance videos have drawn praise from around the world.

A belly dance show is a cultural experience. At the same time, it’s high-energy entertainment that any kind of audience can appreciate. Soraya performs regularly at the Atlantic City casinos and at festivals, cultural events, parties, night clubs, and resorts — and audiences are captivated everywhere she goes.

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